Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 Free Download + Portable

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer can be downloaded from our website for free. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 can enhance and polish your photos to high gloss with just one click.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer combines a modern and clear interface, already set up to control the touch screen for the latest screens and laptops, with simple use and a range of thoughtful functions. Among the features of the program are also many effects that you can apply to your photos that will shed new light on them. One of the absolute influences of influences is the effect of the age profile that will bring your image back to the leading days of photography. First-order results are also achieved with other effects or functions rather, for example red-eye correction, color reversal, or watermark. 

One keystroke optimization. Just select a picture, click on "Optimize" and experience the effect of wow. Your images will become more attractive, brighter and more natural. No matter whether you want to optimize one or multiple photos - with Ashampoo Photo Optimizer everything is finished with just one click.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 features:

Developed in cooperation with our clients

• The new image enhancement tool is not your photo editor. Developed with the help of 5000 people! Objective: Create a program that can improve any image regardless of the circumstances in which it was recorded. During development, our clients had evaluated many image pairs for quality. After that, we succeeded in improving the image optimization algorithm based on their ratings since 5000 could not be wrong!

Great photos with just one click

• Automatic image optimization saves you a lot of time. Select one or more images, click Auto Enhance, and relax and relax while the program takes care of the rest. You'll get stunning photos in just a few seconds. Do not get any easier or faster than this!

Batch processing is convenient

• Save time and improve full batches of photos at once. Whether from multiple sources or a single giant folder, Photo Optimizer accurately analyzes and enhances every single image. Achieve great results without having to consider and handle each image individually!

White balance and stretch contrast included!

• White balance is the axis of color temperature, especially digital cameras tend to make bluish mold makes the colors look cool. Can improve low-contrast images, as in digital photography often through contrast stretch. Both features are now included in auto-optimization and auto-start to improve your photos!

Improvements to a natural looking image

• The faces are at the heart of many images, but they rarely come out as desired! Photo Optimizer removes red eye and whitens teeth either automatically or based on manual settings for that perfect smile. The stain removal tool and the cloning tool are ideal for eliminating other minor impurities. Create perfect natural looking images in just a few clicks!

Ashampoo Portable

Useful export options

• Great photos need to be seen. Of course, Photo Optimizer supports e-mail distribution or Ashampoo® Web free downloads to share your joystick with others. You can also set beautiful images, especially desktop backgrounds, or create high-quality prints using the feature-rich print dialog box.

12 features for creative and perfect minds

• If you do not auto-optimize for you, the 12 custom photo tools will work. Sharpen or moderate your photos, remove noise, or take the artist out with you using wave, whirl, and internal blast effects. Photo Optimizer is your creative playground.

Bring more colors into play!

• No picture can shine in dull colors. High-impact color correction lets you add your own style or go to the classic, realistic look. Many scroll bars allow you to adjust contrast, saturation and many other aspects of images easily with direct preview. If you want to experiment with different color effects, you'll be impressed with multiple built-in presets like dark brown effect nostalgia or color reduction based on the threshold for that personal touch. If you do not like what you see, just undo it with the click of a button!

Well thought out design program

• The Photo Optimizer 7 user interface is well designed to the last detail. From the dark appearance of the eye to the logical design, you will feel at home from the beginning. Each feature can be accessed quickly and no more than two clicks. With Image Optimizer, you can see all the features in a snap without having to have overlapping menus. Everything is logically arranged and illustrating itself for fantastic results in no time!

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