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Right Click Enhancer Professional + Portable

Right-click the Optimizer Optimizer - Control menu, right-click with this tool. Right click the Professional Optimizer comes with the following features ..
Right click Optimizer gives you the ultimate ability to control the right click menu Everyone use every day.Right Click Optimizer allows u to edit your menu Right-click as you want. Now with the help of this wonderful tool you can add some goodies to your right click context menu.

Features Right Click Professional Optimizer:

• Add new and improved functions to the right mouse button and click the mouse
• Add applications, files, folder shortcuts to the right context menu click
• Create sub-menus to add more items
• Avoid messy putting each shortcut on your desktop
• Access the shared file management tasks using the right-click button
• Add new folder shortcuts to be sent to the submenu to make it easier to copy
• Add new file types to the new menu to easily create new files

Alternative Download:

Create shortcuts Right-click to save time (Windows Vista or later)
• Sometimes the desktop of your computer is cluttered with lots of shortcuts. Right-click Tool Box Creator Right Click Optimizer Professional can solve this problem easily by allowing you to add the most used applications, folders and files shortcuts in the right-click menu on Windows Desktop and Explorer. It also allows you to add submenus in the list and right-click to continue organizing shortcuts. This way you can also open the application while browsing for files. You can also add command-line parameters to the shortcuts. There is no flaw in the performance of your computer or right-click the list regardless of the number of submenus and shortcuts that you add to the right-click menu.

Save the appropriate time and click Disk
• Once while using your computer daily you definitely miss some right-click options that saves your time. Right-click the Enhancer tool from the right-click Optimizer designed to add these useful functions. Each disc included in this tool can be added and removed with a single click.

Edit contextual menu Click the context with ease
• When you install a new application on your computer some of them adds new options in your right click menu. While these entries provide a quick way to use the application, not all users find it useful, and sometimes these new options take a lot of right click menu appear from the computer screen. Right-click the Editor tool for this application, allowing you to remove or disable these types of right-click menu options that are not desirable.

Copy files and folders with ease
• Windows has a very useful feature sent to the menu but it is only useful when we want to copy things to a flash drive otherwise without any tool to add a new site to it, you will find it very low. Now take advantage of this very useful feature with the help of the Send To Manager tool of this application. Send to Manager allows you to add a new folder shortcut to be sent to the list, so you can copy files to this site with a single click.

Right-click on the new menu with ease
• In the Windows operating system, when you right-click on the desktop or in Windows Explorer, you will get a "new" menu that allows you to create a new folder, a new shortcut and new files using different types of known files. It helps you create new files, folders and shortcuts easily and quickly.

Edit your file associations with ease
• Although Windows provides a way to change file links, you can not edit file code, file descriptions and many other aspects of file links using Windows Virtualization tool. File Types Editor allows you to do all this and gives you full control over file links.

Export anything to the registry file
• You can export all changes you made using the Professional Optimizer tool. Right-click the log file so you can use this file on another computer and make the same changes to that computer without installing the application.

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