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Safe Startup

Safe Startup  - This program will monitor auto startup records in the Windows operating system and let you know about any new programs that will be automatically launched on your computer. Using this tool you can manage programs with auto-start option. You can choose to let the auto-start for these programs or you can choose to stop or even delete them. You can turn off unwanted or useless programs, spyware or even viruses. The program works with system services too, thus you can make a deep review of your mood macbook pro.

Using our software you can see hidden drivers, reduce the number of ongoing processes, tray icons and other applications that you do not need and thus, really enhance the performance of your computer. Make your computer faster.

Our software can continue to work in the background to always monitor the new auto-startup logs, and it will remove the unwanted items if they will show up again. This software is compatible with any other antivirus software.

Our software includes a function to restore deleted startup records. For example, if you accidentally delete some important files at Auto Start, you can always undo the deletion, and everything will return again as normal

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