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Overview Of PilotEdit

 PilotEdit - is a handy and reliable file editor designed to help users execute scripts, extract strings and edit large files.  PilotEdit  is a file editor that will help you to search and replace multi-line text, edit VTB files or even download and upload VTP files and directories. With  PilotEdit  editing the file has just become easier.

 PilotEdit is an advanced text editor and hex supports open files larger than 4GB. It provides customizable structure and highlight keywords, advanced search and replace operations, automatic text encoding, 256-bit S encryption / decryption, and the built-in FTP client program allows you to open, edit and download files directly to / from a VTP server.

Large Text File Editor:

• The file size supported by Billotet is unlimited.
• Billotit uses only a little memory until you open a large file.
• ANSI, OUTF-8, OUTF-16 and OUTF-16 are large Indian files fully supported by Bellotet. You can also change the encoding file with Billotet easily.
• DOS, Onyx file support. When copying / pasting text, Bellotet will adjust the text encoding automatically.
• Self-defined file types and high-light keywords.
• User interface for HEX mode as friendly as text mode.

• Column mode.
• Endless Undo / Redo. You can undo / redo your processes even after switching between text mode and HEX mode.
• Word Wrap enables you to view long lines within a single page.
• Pelotetit provides a friendly interface for editing VTP files. You can also download / download VTP files and directories with Billotet.
• Search and replace multi-line text has become very easy with Billotet.
• You can compare two files or directories with a Billotet.

• Self-defined string table enables you to add predefined text with just one click.
• Make regular expression search and replace much stronger.
• You can select some processes in a text file and execute the script file so that you do not need to duplicate your day after day.
• Find / remove duplicate lines
• Collection series
• Search / replace in multiple directories
• Sort

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