Download Free CompanionLink Professional [Latest]

CompanionLink Professional [Latest]

CompanionLink Professional - CompanionLink Professional will synchronize your PC data to your phone and tablet PC. We specialize in communication, calendar, task synchronization and synchronization.

Use CompanionLink Professional if you need:
• Support special folder in Outlook
• Color categories on your phone calendar
• Synchronize the Bessy side of corporate data
• Special security needs 
• US-based phone technical support

CompanyOnline professional features

Alternative Download:

Outlook Sync Android
Android sync via USB, WiFi, DejaCloud of PC or Mac for standalone, exchange and office 365 functions

Outlook sync
IPhone and iPad sync via USB, WiFi, DejaCloud from PC or Mac to Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Sync Google Calendar
Synchronize Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with Outlook, Code !, Knots, Palm Desktops

Outlook for Mac Sync
Outlook for Mac 2011, Outlook for Mac 2015 - Sync with Google, iPhone and Android

Act! synchronization
Sync code wise! And Symantec Act! - Activities, contacts, history

Time and sync chaos
USB, Wi-Fi, DejaCloud sync

Business Contact Manager
Accounts, tasks, projects

Knots Knock
Independent Lotus Notes Sync

Novell Groupes Sync
· Independent Groove synchronization

Palm Desktop Sync
USB, Wi-Fi, DejaCloud sync from PC

Black Berry
BB10, original, Bb and Android

Windows 7, Windows 8 Sync
Sync to Mia phones

Windows mobile 10 sync
Sync to W10 mobile phones

The phone companion that works
Windows 10 integration with Microsoft Outlook fields that no one handles. Task priorities, birthdays, a "File-As" field, sorting options, and category colors that match Outlook.

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