Download Free Clonezilla Live 2.5.2-21 (x86/x64) [Latest]

Download Free Clonezilla Live 2.5.2-21 (x86/x64) 

CloneZilla is a split and disc imaging / reproduction program similar to True Image® or Norton Ghost®.

It helps you do system deployment, metal backup and recovery. Two types of clonezilla are available, cloning Zila Live and Clonezilla C (Server Edition). Zila clone live is suitable for single machine backup and restoration. While Klon-Zilla-C is for widespread deployment, it can clone many (40 plus!) Computers simultaneously. Zilla clone saves and restores only blocks used in hard disk. This increases the cloning efficiency. With some high-end devices in the Node 42 group, multicast restoration was reported at 8 gb / min.Read full Topic Clonezilla

Features Clonezilla Ultimate:

•For these file systems, only the blocks that are used in the partition are saved and restored. For an unsupported file system, a sector-to-sector is copied by d in Clooney-Zila.
• LVM2 (for version 1 version not) under GNU / Linux supported.
• Boot loader, including Sunset (version 1 and version 2) and SysLinex, can be reinstalled.
• Both partitions are supported for partitioning of the hard drive. Clunizella Live also can be booted on a Pius or Effi device.
• Unattended mode is supported. Almost all steps can be done via commands and options. You can also use a lot of boot parameters to customize your imaging and reproduction.
• One restore image is supported for several local devices.
• The image can be encrypted. This is done with eReputeSpace, a file system stacked with the POSIX stack encryption system.
• Supports multicast in C Clonezilla, which is suitable for large scale reproduction. You can also remotely use to save or restore a bunch of computers if it is supported by Wake-On-Lan in your clients.
• S-256 encryption can be used to secure data access, storage and transport.
• Based on partclone (default), Partimag (optional), Netscape (optional), or D to image or clone partition.

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