UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.23 [Latest]

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery - is a software application built specifically to help users recover lost or deleted data by providing automated data analysis and scanning modes.

It provides a clean and direct interface that allows users to access files and folders from hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, disk images, virtual image files, and reed configuration elements.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery gives the possibility to specify scan parameters, search for file system differences if you need to recover the previous file system state, save scan results, and access files and directories on a virtual disk or disk image.

UFS explorer Professional recovery crack:

• Universal Data Access: UVS Explorer is designed to make no matter where your data is located. It supports fast and secure access to a host of stores, including SSI / SATA / PATA HDD, USB mass storage devices, Reed arrays, VMware, Microsoft Virtual PCI, Parallel workstation, Virtual disks, Bosch and RAO disk or partition image files.

• Built-in support for most used file systems makes data recovery very simple!
• Multiple levels of data recovery: No matter where your data is located, UVS Explorer can quickly access your file systems and recover any data from there. We improve it to make you forget about data that is not accessible on your computer!
UFS Explorer products use several levels of data recovery: from direct file access will be access to the file system sub-analysis of the indicative data. This gives you the ability to recover data efficiently efficiently time.

• If you are using a virtual program or a different operating system on the same computer - UVS Explorer makes your data accessible wherever you reside with the usual data speed for you!
• Has the file system been partially damaged? In most cases OVS Explorer can help to recover data from there.

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