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Overview Of PDF Annotator

PDF Annotator is the software for the computer Allows the user to open any PDF file and add annotations, using the mouse or pen tablet computer, directly on the PDF file pages. The annotated documents can then be saved directly to PDF format. In this way, anyone can read or print PDF documents described. 
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The annotated documents can also be easily attached to e-mail messages. Previously, commenting, commenting, or auditing of documents received for review in PDF format was possible only by using multiple software products respectively - or only by printing the document and manually adding comments. With PDF annotation, Annotations can also be added in a natural way - using a stylus - but everything is still in digital form. Portable PDF annotation allows commenting on PDF files in one step.
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The user no longer needs to print a PDF document to teach. A PDV file that has been received for review can be opened in the PDV annotation, commented on the computer with the mouse or on the tablet using the pen, then saved back to the PDV file in one step. This saves both resources and time. With a Tablet PC, a PDV document is treated exactly like a normal printed document. The user writes only or draws his thoughts and ideas on the existing document.

Features Of PDF Annotator:

The annotation also allows you to add blank pages to get more space for your comments. It can be used to fill forms, and you can even use it to take notes by creating new blank PDV documents.

  •  Add notes and annotations to any PDF document - comments, corrections, signatures, highlights, and even designs and drawings.
  •  Save annotations in the original file. Share with coworkers, email them to partners or go back to authors - with no special programs needed to view the encoded document.
  •  Write comments on top of PDV content, paste into images, use pen or tablet drawing if you have.
  •  Restore to the original document at any time. Remove or hide all encoding with just one click.
  •  Insert blank pages for more space. Or place comments anywhere on pages.

Filter annotations:

  •  Only show a filtered subset of annotations in the new sidebar.
  •  Filter by type, colour, or number page.

Print Annotations:

  •  Print a detailed list of all preview in a single document.
  •  Print Overview Only shows pages that contain annotations.

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