Download Free Advanced System Protector 2.2.1002.22864 [Latest]

Advanced System Protector 2.2.1002.22864 [Latest]

Advanced Protector System is to scan and remove any traces of spyware from your computer, including adware, login key, browser hijackers, and malware. And prevents further intrusion with the guard in real time.

advanced system protector

The interface is modern and intuitive, and maintains all key features separated into tabs. The first step towards system security is to update the database with the latest spyware definitions.

The infection can be scanned quickly, deeply, or in a custom setting. For the last option you can specify the computer domains that you want the Advanced System Protector to look at, between Internet cookies, system files or folders, system memory, Windows settings, and registry.
advanced system protector

Survey results show total rogue agents found in each area, status and threat level. You can select certain items to eliminate or ask the advanced system protector to get rid of everything. Statistics can be exported to the included format for further evaluation.

In addition, the software provides protection for HOSTS file and Internet Explorer key, startup management options, along with the browser cleaner (eg Firefox, Chrome).

The tool quickly finishes the scan job and uses a low CPU and RAM. However, Advanced Protector System has high detection ratio for false positives, and unregistered edition does not allow users to fix any errors, making the product misleading.See Full Article Advanced System Protector

Features Advanced System Protector 2:

• Advanced System Protector is designed to quickly check your system and deeply scan your system. Both of these swabs are a good way to check your computer for infections. The scanning has been designed so fast that you can check your computer every morning, without spending too much time scanning. This will check the inflammation through the path of the file and warn you in the event of any infections found. A deep scan must be performed on the first installation of the Advanced System Protector, then on a weekly basis. This is a thorough scan of your computer, where files and folders are searched for infections based on file path and MD5, file recognition technology. If you find the infection, you have the option to remove, discard, quarantine or delete it, according to your choice.
• Real Time Guard is designed to monitor your computer constantly for any suspicious activity. These guards watch the most vulnerable areas of your computer, which may be portals for most infections. These guards are more active when browsing the Internet, opening files or executing applications and programs.

Real Time Guards:

• Lobby guard
• This protection monitors the plug-ins installed on Internet Explorer and warns you when a new plug-in wants to install itself.
• Abinette Del Guard
• Del files that control the application's startup are monitored by this guard. This ensures that no application is included in the auto playlist without your permission.
• Winlogon Shell Guard
• hosts file guard
• Reliable IE sites guard
• Internet Explorer maintains a list of trusted sites, where the browser allows less secure browsing. This guard keeps a check on this list and restricts any site from getting listed here without your permission.
• IE Home Guard
• This Guard ensures when you start your computer, you get to see the home page that you have set in your computer, and not any unwanted homepage designed to entice you into a trap.
• Operation of Operation Guards
• This guard prompts you to allow or restrict the execution of any new operations in your task list, and to ensure that no malicious software automatically starts on your computer.
• Boot guard
• This Guard is designed to stop any unwanted and harmful programs from entering the Startup folder, and prevent any malware from executing at the beginning of your system.
• Start recording files guard
• This guard monitors the log files for any changes and prompts you to delegate or make any suspicious change.
• Advanced System Protector can detect any spyware detected by Or malware on your computer to protect your system. This means that the files are placed in a safe vault, changing their shape. These files can not cause any damage to your computer anymore because they are not in their original form. Quarantine is designed to ensure that spyware is included in other applications, is prevented from executing or causing harm, without stopping the application from running

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