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Over View Of Extreme Movie Manager

Movie Database Manager that extracts movie information from online sources and enables you to organize your collection in an effective way. The most advanced movie catalog ever! ; Extreme Movie Manager - Manage all your movies / DVDs on your hard drive, USB devices, original DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and more!

Extreme Movie Manager Features:

Every new design, the sniff was rewritten from scratch.
Now you have more skin to choose a clean and simple new interface

Catalog the torn movies simply by wiping your devices ...
The scanner is new, and now it is smarter and can catalog automatically all your set (ripped movies, DVD, BLUERAY, NAS etc.

We love TV shows, we have made our new scanner capable of automatically cataloging all your set:
Collecting TV series is now just a click away. With built-in functions for automatically extracting TV title, season, episode number and episode titles it is really very easy to add everything to your database.

MagicScript Engine New!
Importing all information from the Internet such as cast, crew, photos, vanart, trailers is now easier. You will sniff work in the background, and import all the information movies from your favorite website automatically. You only have to add movies, and other things will be managed by sniffing. It will only prompt you if there are more sources for a movie

Browse your collection on Line, anywhere and share it with your friends!
With the "My Location" function you can create your group in one click. With built-in FTP Manager you will take care of downloading everything in your server, automatically. Pretty page detail movie using Fanarts as background .. Fanarts are automatically loaded by sniffing with scripts such as Themovideb. Full actors, managers, producers etc ... Database, with automatic loading of information from the web

Watch the trailers dirkly with sniff
Import trailers with scripts in your language and watch within Movecard.

Powerful tools!
  • We have achieved powerful tools for exporting your group in Android, iPhone, grown hardware, ZBK etc ...
  • Browse your collection at Bobkornhour Products! (Also work with others grown)!
  • With my built-in I do a sniffer function and web pages will be created and will syncronize with yours.
  • Browse your group at Mediaportal (with the plugin Mevilms)
  • Export your collection in included, my movies will read them and show your collection!


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