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Overview of Goodsync enterprise

goodsync enterprise

Goodsync enterprise Free - Synchronizes two or more folders with files, that is, Goodsync makes sure that the folders and all the files are the same by copying new or updated files from the folder where they appeared for the folder where they are old or not present and posting the deletion.

Features of Goodsync enterprise:

  •  Bi-directional synchronization to prevent data loss
  •  One-way synchronization for backup
  •  Synchronize folders, not just Windows, but also VTP, PIP, SFTP
  •  Synchronize with smart phones and PDAs to Windows platform
  •  Selective file synchronization
  •  Flexible and easy synchronization automation
Other Features:
  •  File system monitoring is not required
  •  Synchronize multiple devices, providing maximum convenience
  •  Synchronize the modification time of a VTP file
  •  Compile time to modify files for unsaved file systems
  •  Real-time monitoring
  •  Visualization of changes
  •  Ease and flexibility of supply
  •  Task tab, make it easier to work with many tasks
  •  Size of counters for each level
  •  Dialog to facilitate the selection of synchronized folders
  •  Determine the required free space
  •  Reports on actions and changes
  •  Functions and functions of removable drives
  •  Backup the network over an encrypted channel.

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